Thursday, August 15, 2013

Back to School Printable

Today I am excited to share this First Day of School printable that Diana has come up with! Jett is starting preschool next week and I've printed out my sign so I can make sure we get some great back to school pics. Another fun idea would be to laminate the sign so you can use the same one year after year with a dry erase marker! 

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This time of year is especially exciting for us.  We have our first school-goer!  Well, its only pre-school, but still its a big day for us since both mom and child is excited! Basically it's all that we talk about and I am pretty excited that we get to do this for our little girl.  When thinking of making a school themed printable, I thought that this would be perfect for any age to use.  Just download the print, print it out and write the grade the child is going to be in.  I think these are great  for taking at the beginning of the year and the end to see the physical changes in your child. 

 If you'd like to download this, please click here

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Diana is a graphic designer running her own shop called Livy Love Designs.  She loves using fresh color schemes and bright patterns.  She enjoys drawing, sewing, and learning new recipes.  She is married and has two little kids who she attributes where most of her inspiration comes from.  Aside from her shop, she has recently started working with Modern Yardage and is a fabric designer for them, which has been a dream of hers ever since she started graphic design.  You can follow along with her blog at Livy Love.

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